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Sealer Gloss

Sealer Gloss is a protective coating designed to protect your metal and paint surfaces from water spots, stains and oxidation for up to one full year. Until now, most polished metals required constant polishing to maintain their shine. Some polishers polished every weekend. Our research shows that excessive polishing with poor polishes degrades the metal's finish. They leave a hazy build-up and bruise the metal with many fine scratches.

SEALER GLOSS Master Formula, polishes, protects and seals, clear coat, paint, fiber glass, aluminum, chrome, brass, silver, in one easy step. It leaves a crystal clear flexible coating that does not need waxing and lasts for up to one year. Normal washing is all it needs to maintain a rich and glossy finish. Master Formula Sealer Gloss is nationally acclaimed by the airline and trucking industries for its durable, glossy protective coating.

If you haven't already had the pleasure, we invite you to try this amazing sealer You'll be glad you did. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our research included conversations with thousands of polishers. Some were professionals, others were everyday people polishing wheels on their car, brass pieces in their homes, etc. They all said the same thing, "We want something easy to use, with an effortless wipe off that leaves the surface with flawless reflections!" Master Formula Metal GlossTM does all that and more! It's not only easy to use, our customers are reporting the finest results they've ever had.

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