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Zoila and I have been presenting Master Formula Polishes for over 14 years. We learned our marketing strategy from owner, Clarence Larkins, who has over thirty years of experience in the polish world. We started showing on Aluminum and, it was phenomenal. We soon learned that it was amazing on any kind of metal and, chrome.

When we applied the Master Formula Polishes to the paint we were astonished with the results. We began receiving calls from our customers letting us know, it was the only product that could take the hard water marks off the paint of their car. As we did Bike shows, we demonstrated taking bluing off the pipes and were thrilled when the top three bikes at the 2014 Easyrider Sacramento show were all detailed with Master Formula Polishes.

Over the years we’ve made great friends with enthusiasts in the truck, boat and off road worlds. Across the western states our polish has now won at the World of Wheels, four years in a row, in both the Car and Bike categories. We’re looking forward to the growing friendship as we expand our web presence and our ever growing Hall of Fame.

Art & Zoila Collis
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